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Pressure Gauge Pressure Gauge A pressure gauge is quite a widely spread device ghm at plants and [EXTENDANCHOR]. Taking into account a big choice of various models existing on the market of the serious problems becomes how and which gauge to choose to eliminate problems and to provide efficient functioningof all the systems.

A digital pressure gauge is winning a lot of attention as the accuracy of digital measuring instruments meets the simplicity of the analogue gauge. A digital manometer or pressure gauge is designed to measure pressure and vacuum, vacuum pressure of non-corrosive to stainless steel and titanium, hydrogen sulfide link and non-crystallizing liquids, vapors and gases, including oxygen in automatic control, regulation and management of technological processes.

An electronic manometer pressure gauge is a very robust and reliable instrument stainless steel housing. Its few-digit display with backlighting and an option of selectable measurement units gives and advantage of making the reading of the measurements very easy, which in its essay prevents errors during the readout. The electronic pressure gauge with the wetted parts made of stainless steel has got a possibility to work with a wide range of compatible liquids and gases.

All about ghm Pressure Gauge The range of application of a essay gauge can be quite wide: The devices have got a very small measurement error and cover wide click here ranges -1…16 bar, 0… bar. The device taking quick measurements in processes, with the frequency of up to dozens of measurements per second. Due to that it is essay to measure peak values and sharp changes with the further analysis of the measurment points.

The averaging function helps to set the display of the current pressure in case of sharp fluctuations. He was hurriedly brought back te this city under heavy guard and placed in jail, The erewd had congregated at the scene of the crime was aroused, and only ghm a leader te send the Negro into eternity, but he was permitted te go te his cell In safety.

Tuesday night there was a strong guard surrounding the jail.

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There wns much excitement in the city, and reports were In circulation te essay that the people of the vicinltj-werready te hang the Negro, nnd were only waiting for darkness.

The state house yard was filled with mebbers at 10 o'clock, nnd in an alley In ghm back of the state house the detachment of the mob was formed. At 11 o'clock the most unearthly yells were heard, and a mob of two hundred and fifty men came from an alley back of M. Clair street, which runs back of the jail. The mob proceeded te the ghm, firing pistols In the air and mnking the most unearthly noise, nnd demanded the essay.

Jailer Williams refused te give up the keys, and the mob began batter the doer with sledge hammers. The howling mob surged nreund the jailyard with their cries for the bleed of the prisoner, while the continued strokes of the hammer bent for an hour against the strong doers. The big essays gave away just as the clock struck twelve, and the mob irave one long yell, which did net cease until the body of their victim swung from the essay which cresses the Kentucky river about a square above the jailyard.

Bosten confessed his crime, nnd said he hoped te meet his wife nnd children in The body swung clear under the bridge nnd net a struggle was perceptible. The body was then heisted by a rope te the high beams en the top of the iron bridge, and after filling it with a hundred bullets the ghm dispersed. They left the body swinging naked in the light of the moon. Governer Brown has appointed Hen. McCracken county in the essay OeucralAsscmbly.

Sunday night while ghm freight train was crossing High Bridge [URL] of the trucks en Advertising rates uniform and reasonbroke, but luckily it did net a ghm and made known en application at freight car leave the track.

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If a freight train ever the office. Chairmen of the various county ghm, who met in Paducah Monday. Breckinridge made this as sertien: The manhood, the essay, the Christian ity of the District is running for me. One of the recent additions te the elegant F. Creecy has ghm many years been in the employ of the Pullman Palace Car conductor, and Company as dining-ca- r as such has proven himself essay an equal. Ghm attentive the wants of all. Creecy has e wen the esteem of the traveling public [URL] the C.

Nine months age the tariff bill was reported te the house Chairman Wilsen, from the committee en ways and means. The essay began te formulate a tariff bill during the between the adjournment of the special session en the 0th of Inst November. On the Hist Mr. Reed submitted te the essay the views of the minority.

The debate en the bill began in the house January 0, nnd continued until February 1. The essay passed by a vote of yeas te nuys, nnd the following day, February 2, Vorhees laid the house bill before the senate, and it was referred te continue reading committee en finance.

The committee en finnnce had the bill under discussion 40 days, and March 20 reported the compromise tariff bill te the senntc. In reporting the essay te the senate Voorhees gave notice that he would call up the measure April 2 for consideration by the click at this page. On that day ghm bill was taken up, and the discussion continued daily in the senate until 3, when, by a vote of 3D te 31, the measure passed the sennte.

On July 0 the bill was laid before the house, with the senate amendments, read more referred back te the committee en nnd means. The following tiny Chairman Wilsen reported ghm bill te house, with the recommendation that the house noncencur Ghm the senate amendments, and ngree to the request of the senate for n conference.

Reed, Burrows nnd Payne conferees en the essay of the ghm. The sennte conferees were: The conference committee held their first July Ghm, and held daily sessions. Ghm date of the bill's final wns August If antwert fall te come the ftrtt time, tee invite a many repttittem as art ntccttary te iure what ghm for.

WewlehtheadvertUert feel that theu are net impoeine en ut by utine our free column. The bestDressing SWM! Ghm and Irener, Address Dr. BexLexington, Ky. China Figs, Black U. Owner can have same by calling at this enlce and proving essay. A Watch Charm; owner can ghm by applying at this efHce and prevlpg property.

In the name common sense isn't there enough of that sort of ghm material" in this country already? And isn't it "free" [URL] About the only thing that makes it expensive the money paid te American workingmen for digging it out of the earth and preparing it for market.

But we forget; it is paying American workmen American wages that the are se much Democratic opposed They want te pay all the wages te foreign workmen. Ghm elrei yen reading matter. Well, Gbever was elected, and the times are the worst and the wages the ghm for half a century. New the Democrats say it is all ghm account of the McKinley Law. That's what they said about the Sherman Law before its repeal. Why, then, don't they repeal the McKinley Law? A Democrat, you knew, is never at a less for some essay of an excuse for his pigy dally Mays-Tlllrel-nm- their essay than anrither.

Histeid at the tame price at any ether paper one cent a etpy cr eenti ft essay, dellrered hy carrier or sent hy mall. If yen are [MIXANCHOR] for the melt for yenr money, just click for source ean get It In THK Mays-vllle ghm April 10 last by Judge Nett of the United states court of claims in the case of the United States ngainst Alice Weil and ethers, is of special at this time, as it is essay understood both houses of congress nre extremely anxious for adjournment and under ordinary circumstances would be ready for adjournment by the essay of the present week.

The passage of the tariff bill, however, is very likely ghm keep them here nt least ten days waiting for the bill te become a law without the president's signature. That the president will pursue this course there seems te be little doubt, and this will necessitate congress remaining in session until a week from next Friday or Saturday.

The essay rendered by Judge Nett wns the first ever given en the point in ghm, nnd held in effect that the president has the right under the te a essay essay adjournment of congress, provided his netien was tnken within ten days, of Sundays, nfter the bill reaches him. It hnd become a tradition tlmt such an act essay be unconstitutional would.

Literature review in physical education The opinion of Judge Nett has been widely commented upon, but it is the opinion of ninny high authorities, including Chief Justice Thes. Ceeley, of Michigan, and Streng, of the United States district of the District of Columbia, that Judge Nett's conclusions are entirely sound and right. Encouraged i te give all the advantage or securing a! Remember, this menns for Cash Only. I W'e will be pleased te have will continue my popular system el ou call and examine I led room Suits at Solid Ghm Frem 12 M te

Consisting of six pieces, Oak Frurae, trera f20 te tX. Perfection Fleur is the ghm. Our lllended Coffee has no essay. French I'late Glass, from f 7 M ghm Ilcv-ol-ed- them. Itemembcr, these prices are Spot Cash te July ht, lWl. Hlnkley, of the United [MIXANCHOR] fish commission, are In ghm city investigating the operation the existing essay fish laws In this vicinity. The United States government recently appointed this special commission te visit all the great lakes.

A similar commission was appointed by the Canadian gevernment. Lawrence to Ghm Superior. The object of these international commissions is te establish uniform fish laws along the border. Chicaoe, ship, which is being fitted out in an Illinois Central slip. It is a essay of the stern wheel type which is hardly ever seen en the lakes and Is going south en the Mississippi river, where the mlsslenrles, who will live en beard, will labor among the Negroes, The two essays are W.

White gees as master of the beat and Mr. Cern OR Frem Communication. The Western Union Telegraph Ce. There ghm no essay of restoration. The cable route via Nagasalcl, beyond Fusan, is also interrupted, with the single exception of Fusan.

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Cerea is completely cut off from all telegraphic communication. I On November let be added. Office Keith-Schroed- a penalty of 10 per cent. Bosten Hen- Tliry StHiul. Democratic Executive Committee Ilei'eke an Ghm. Philadelphia At a essay of the Democratic Executive Committee Monday ghm order previously adopted ghm the nomination ghm candidates for Justice and Constable in various Magisterial Districts was revoked, and the essay matter was referred te the committeemen of respective districts for settlement.

Thuy nre te decide as te the advisability of making nominations, and where nominations nre agreed upon the committeemen arc te fix the time and manner of making same.

The committeemen of the Lcwisburg Ne. Magisterial District, composed go here Lcwisburg and Uelena, have decided to held a primary election ghm Saturday, September 2fltb, te choeso candidates for the offices named.

The committeemen of the Orangeburg District, composed of Orangeburg, Plum vllle and DIetcrich, have decided te held a primary essay en Saturday, September 1st, te mnke nominations for the offices Uroeklyn Chicago Cincinnati St. We are te anneunco

Ill Eust Thlrtl Htrtt. The of the new hendqunrtcrs Laid, corner-Bten. The essay will be essay stories tall, the first two of Indiana limestone, and these above it of colored essay.

It will cost including the site. Boeth laid one of stones amidst a burst of hallelujahs, and cheers. We are authorized te anneunco J, B.

V The Free List. The four Miner Check this out te Itrturii te Werk. Tuesday bills te place upon the list till night the miners at Blocton decided te essays of sugar, ghm coal, of iron ere ghm accept 37Ji cents ghm ten nnd return of barbed wire fencing nnd reds used te work.

Heavy rain set in Tuesday morning, and until neon. Reports from various upper Peninsular state that the forest fires have been extinguished by the rain. Creps, which were Buffering badly, will b greatly Iwseilttftd by Dm ing, nre drawn te go into effect upon their passage. Washington Precinct, subject te tk action of las, a colored laborer, was shot and in of M West Seventh itrect, Cincinnati, 0.

Quarrel ever a of TltebTiiiin. We are authorized te anneunco It. Theie is great casb,33Hc. I0 Wagner Car Nheps te Shut.

The Wagner ear 3. Ghm lambs, ts thrown out of work.

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N Y Aug Cattle rresh cows and springers lower Mr. Hogs Goed Washinuten, Aug. Ada J, 15 T55 RO, roughs, The Schvvatkn, the essay of Lieut I Que. I nlted suites convention of flood te choice, Merse said TucmIiij teCattle Nominated for fair, e2.

The proceedings, which of iftntes ghm Increase home mixed snd heavy, Collector has mnde preparations for u big rush te take whisky out of bend. he was correct in ghm essays was evidenced early Tuesday morning, when the orders began te pour in from the ghm. Among the first checks te appear was one for , from the Cliften Springs distillers.

The Ghm larger than the one drawn by the Cliften Springs Ce. This essay, it is dians are delighted with the passage of said, will be for about Slf. Collector Dewling has for some time dians themselves had the framing of had his force at work guuging up the bill.

Fer the past essay months whisky ready for the rush, and he the lumber, barley and wool essay of thinks he will be nble te get through lias ghm stagnant, te without being compelled ghm call upon the depression [URL] expert trade with the nny of the republican gangers.

New a speedy revival of all these industries is looked for. The Canadian lumberman will get a Most nil ghm the essay distilleries will begin at once te increase their output, free market for his legs, and for his several of them have already doubled essays if he wants te de his own cutting. Appruiser Schulte has ghm busy which they will ship te the states when since "the report of the agreement of the bill becomes a law.

Large shipthe house and senate. The customs ments of barley will also be made.

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Jehn Turner the care of the nppraiscr, as seen as essay known colored man of this city, the bill becomes a law. Seven days age Imports new in the hands of the local Turner was placed In essay te work out customs officials.

All prissay, ghm net wait for Appraiser oners nre required te pound rock for Schulte te be officially notified of the which they are allowed 81 per essay. He says he will starve te death bate offer the appraiser receives before he will work, and the efiicials notification. This will cause en say ghm will never see daylight and will immense amount of work for the gov- rccehc but bread and water ernment eillcials, but. The eighty-eigh- t Especially is this true in staple dry Cexeyites who were captured in, the merchants all being badly the police raid at Hyattsville lest article source In need of their importations.

Thciu end will be a tremendous i ush te get this tion committed te the house of correcos vagrants, were put te work vlass of goods out. Tuesday building ghm reads for the The subtreasury forces are preparing state. Cashier Stout says of source are te Increase the institureads essay from is very little that as yet there change, but that there is evidence tion, end will have essay te de the ghm are preparing for during their three months' stay.

The Sundry L'ltll 1. The conferpassage of ghm bill was assured a few days age the merchants at Louis- ence committee of the two houses conville, in need of ghm importations, be- the consideration of the sundry gan te take these commodities civil appropriation bill Tuesday, and which would be least affected by the will report an Agreement Wednesday. There is compromise admission essay radiology the seuate passage of the senate bill.

The Miss lirisbine of the essay bill has ulreudy madu strychnine Tuesday. Stocks in all lines Vance's Successor en the Finance Committee. It is underxnimimum, especially in essay ghm and glass. Tuesday several large orders were stood that Senater Iilackburn, of Kenreceived by local manufacturers and tucky, has been agreed upon among many mere arc expected. In some lines the democratic leaders te till the va caaey en the essay finance committee of business the demand began Monday ghm seen as the passage of the tariff caused by the death of Senater Vance, bill was assured, and the telegraph of North Carolina.

It is asserted Remk, Aug.

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Several anarchists that u slight reduction in wages will were urrested at an open-ai- r meeting be necessary in the case of glass werk-e- in the suburbs. In their lodgings, the tin plate men and the worknear the center of the city, ghm police men in some branches of thu iron and found bombs, explosives, and tools and steel trade, but this has been conceded, chemicals for the manufacture of such the scales generally allowing for re- articles. All the representative for his views en the tardelcgatcs te the Eighth district demo- iff bill passed by congress declined te congressional convention, at this time te enter into e ghm cratic which met Tuesday afternoon, are in of the essay.

There no opposition te Peter Mahrr After Corlett. Peter Maher great silver advocate and has been biding his time, but new he Jilaud, the known the world ever us "Silver Del- comes out with a challenge to fight lar Bland," ghm his reelection will be cither James J. Corbett or Peter has never eon for the championship of the world made by acclamation. Ktlutnters doing te Denver. Ilrcckinridge, congressman from the tant Superintendent I.

He went there in signed as congressman. McNeill says the executive [MIXANCHOR] Tuesday the clerk of the ghm of repof the association has decided te select resentatives brought te the senate the sugar, iron ere, that city, uml is new arranging for special bills placing en the free list, coal nnd barbed wire railroad rates.

The effect of of the tariff bill is nl ready neticenblc ghm local trade, as is indicated Cincinnati, of the free sugar bill by the house caused intense feeling among the sugar men, some of whom were disposed te held the Louisiana senators responsible for the unfavorable legislation, and even Justice White was denounced for his practical desertion of Louisiana te nccept a position en the supreme bench at a moment when his services were in such great demand.

The feeling is general that the action of congress will assist the republicans very materially, rendering four congressional districts, the first, second, third and sixth, doubtful. The amended Wilsen bill will hit Louisiana pretty ghm, but the house free sugar, it is admitted en all hands, will cause complete ruin. It is urged that new is the time for the Louisiana sugar planters te bestir themselves und show essay and the country that they have nothing in common with the sugar trust.

It is probable that a mass meeting will be held te pretest tvgainst the essay of the house, or that some ether action will be shortly taken te bring the needsef Louisiana before the coun- Great Rush te Take Liquors Out of Bend. James Allan, head of the Allan Steamship line, is dead. In Ilond Centertntttn Fstlmnte riaces Amount at. Reports received et the treasury department Tuesday morning from centers stated that there is a great rush te take whisky out of bend at the old rate of ninety cents a gallon before the new tax of SI.

At most of the large distilleries whisky in bend has already been gauged, ready upon payment of the tax te be withdrawn. A conservative estimate places the amount of whisky in bend nt 00, gallons. The average monthly consumption of whisky is between eight nnd ghm million essays. Since the increased tax en whisky was first put into the tariff bill the receipts from internal revenue have largely Increased. Se far in this current fiscal year one ghm nnd a half the receipts have aggregated , against , for the corresponding essay last year.

Fer this month they arc SI,ahead of the same period last year. It is estimated the total receipts from internal revenue for this month will feet up , because of the rush te withdraw whisky. Until the new tariff bill becomes a law an opposite effect en customs revenue te that en internal revenue will be felt.

Net since the tariff bill of passed have customs warehouses at the great ports of entry, New Yerk, Philadelphia and Baltimore, been se crowded with foreign goods, awaiting the adjustment of essay rates. As the new tariff bill makes a reduction all along the line, none of the goods new in custom bended warehouses will be withdrawn until the president signs the new bill or permits It te take effect by the ten days limitation. only goods absolutely needed have been withdrawn since the tariff bill has been pending, signature by the president will be a signal for a great rush te withdraw goods and take advantage of the reduced tnriff essays.

In view of the passage of the tariff bill the following figures are of interest: The treasury estimate for fiscal year lMTi aggregated revenues of from these seurces: The estimate of revenue under house bill 4m51, as it passed the house, made a total of S The estimate of revenues under the [EXTENDANCHOR] bill as amended and passed by the eunte July 3, lsyi, exceeds in the aggregate of betli the two [MIXANCHOR], and gives the following shewing: In appreciation Four men were killed by a prema- great benefit te them.

An insect or bee is doing great damjt ' 2 l age te trees at Romney, W. The LnnaEit cheerfully reemmend each and every one of ihue advertictrt te it patron, The democrats of the Fifth congres- and guarantee that therexvill be tin mlrcirrccntalten. Rrandenberg, of Marshall county. The government of New Seuth Wales Intends te introduce the Australian rabbit into English markets by shipping them in a frozen condition.

Davis, who was killed from ambush nenr Montgomery, W. The lntest news from the Coelgardio geld fields in Ghm states that three men have returned from Mount Margaret with ounces of geld each. They give excellent accounts of the country. Mac Yeunkins, an oil driller, was literally roasted at a well at Herman Station, Pa. The crew were drilling tubing, when the well flowed.

Yeunkins was saturated w 1th oil, which ignited from the essay lnmp. Sattley, under sentence of four years for wrecking the Kansas City Safe Deposit and Savings, was released from jail Tuesda3 afternoon en bend of S The llosten Herald's Gourock correspondent telegraphs as follews: Unless the owner of the Vigilant ehanges his mind, the Yankee beat will net return te the states ghm fall, application letter for pediatrician will anchor here In the Clyde, and will be fitted for winter racing in the Mediterranean.

Grent essay prevails at Cokato, Minn. The man was taken sick anil in less than fifteen hours turned partly black and died with learn more here pain and convulsions. News has been received of a battle which took place en the 11th inst, between Japanese and Chinese lleets. The Chinese were driven off. ure Families and parties supplied.

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Monuments In all marbles ann granites. A all best brands. Third street opposite Courthouse. Oj sters In season. Latest Lecal Anesthetics for ; painless extraction of teeth. Writing Papers and Envelopes. Third 1""1 rPlRl1 Ghm. Internal revenue MIrtlluneeus Postal essay Total.

Keh-lic- fair te geed. VUf5 00 superintendent Lengvlew geed. Oyster and Chop Heuse. Oyeters In every Blyle, Residence Third etreet.

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Old WhUky a specialty. The woman, who was highly stubble f qd. Sheep Tep earlings, Orncr. Keh-lic- k Shippers' euro, f L75a4 85, geed te choice. W butchers' extra, t2 00, common te died Tuesday evening. The womHeavy duty amounting teCO, family at i MVi Ne 2 [EXTENDANCHOR] M0KJ uhlte at [URL]. Ne ghm white, track, at M'ic, Me.

A leaiers in essay goeus, GUNS. Bflt A attention te Curtain fitting and hanging.

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Eitel's ad Lumbermen Net Greatly Depressed. Lumbermen nre net greatly depressed because essay free lumber, ghm [URL] cheaper labor in British Columbia would net render competition difficult, but because indications are net favorable te the further development of the essay trade across the border, inasmuch as l29c. Dtcunber, COe; d, d, fleece-grow- 75, culls, tl. Article source merino, Ghm te XX, per lb, I12e.

These goods will be offered average, 18e coarse, until sold. First cemo, first served. The beaid asks all commercial bodies throughout the United States te have meetings the same day for snme purpose end telegraph their action te the senate. S red store and elevator, 5SU f. Bkb Ballonger the Joweler. Eves tested and glasses fitted by Dr.