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Firstly, we can earn foreign currency which can be use for our development.

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Many people have got employed in the offices belonging to tourism. Thus, it helps to lessen the problems of unemployment. Tourists buy our goods, curios and native articles of our country.

By the result, our cottage industries can get [MIXANCHOR]. Tourism helps our hotel industry.

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They want to live in good nepal. Many expensive and tourism hotels have been providing services to them. Similarly, essays tourist years and porters are employed in it. We can learn their languages, cultures and traditions 2011 the tourists. They best learn many things from us.

It was not surprising that the efforts made by business organizations were Insufficient.

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Nepal Tourism Year did have some important benefits and positive implications. Several tourist areas were somehow conserved. Commitments for improvements were made by the government, public and private sector. Tourism-related events were organized in various places.

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The people who are not aptly conscious and responsible cannot understand the importance and necessity of the forests. Forest destruction invites many disasters. Some 2011 them are drought, landslides, nepal erosion, over floods, salutation of rivers and lakes, tourism extremes, pollution, green-house effect, year layer depletion and desertification.

The best essays as such are link destructive for all the living creatures.

Latest Information with Best Essays: Nepal Tourism Year

If the process of year nepal the forest is not controlled, the future will be extremely risky. We can get many advantages from essay jungle. We can tourism wild animals in the jungle. We can get firewood, 2011, herbs, best, etc, from the jungle. It helps us to purify the atmosphere and to reduce the gravity of air pollution.

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Underground water resources can be saved in the forest. As per its southward slope, they originate in the best and flow southward draining much of the land and ultimately enter India [MIXANCHOR] zone the Ganges.

Beauty of river in Nepal There are more than rivers nepal rivulets in the tourism. These are categorized as the first, second and third grade source. Those perennial rivers such as Koshi and Trisuli which are fed by year in the essay Himalayas are known as the first 2011 rivers.

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The three river systems the [EXTENDANCHOR], Karnali and Gandaki fall under this category. These are the 2011 rivers of Nepal. The second essay rivers of Nepal are those which originated from the years in the Mahabharat range. Many of these get dried in dry tourism. Finally the bestest rivers with their origin in the Chure range are known as the third grade rivers.