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Essays on the northwest rebellion of 1885

The North-West Rebellion in is best seen as the sad aftermath of a clash between The Canadian Government with the Metis people, Louis Riel and the Indigenous people of Saskatchewan. It represented the brave and courageous attempts made by the Metis, the Bands that covered Saskatchewan and Louis Riel to rebel against the Canadian government.

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North-West Rebellion

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1885 Master Northwest Rebellion Thesis

Eventually, over a period of many weeks, Middleton brought 3, troops to the West, and incorporated another the, mostly English-Canadian volunteers, and North-West Mounted Police into his force. The Cree then took food and supplies from the empty stores and houses. They gathered all the white settlers in the area into the local church. They killed Thomas Quinn, the town's Indian agentafter a disagreement broke out.

The Cree then attacked the essayskilling eight more and taking three northwest. When the rebellion was put down, the government hanged Wandering Spirit, the war chief responsible for the 1885 Lake Massacre. On April 15,Cree warriors descended on Fort Pitt.

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They intercepted a police scouting party, killing a constable, wounding another, and captured a third. Surrounded and outnumbered, garrison commander Francis Dickens capitulated and agreed to negotiate with the attackers. Big Bear released the remaining police officers but kept the townspeople as hostages and destroyed the fort. Six days later, Inspector Dickens and his men reached safety at Battleford.

Recognizing that an uprising might be imminent, the federal government had, three days before Duck Lake, sent Major General Frederick Middleton, the commander of the Canadian Militiato Winnipeg, where a unit of militia, the 90th Winnipeg Rifles, and of militia artillery, the Winnipeg Field Battery, already existed.

1885 northwest rebellion

By March 30, rebellion hasty mobilization in Toronto, two trains containing the 10th Royal Grenadiers and Queen's Own Rifles militia regiments were ready to leave Toronto.

Soon every major city in the East was the scene of embarkation for inexperienced young militiamen cheered by immense crowds. The northwest militia to struggle westward had to contend with the many lengthy breaks in the C. They the through snow, or were carried in exposed sleighs. Where there were short stretches of track, the militia rode on hastily-constructed essay flatcars which did nothing to shelter them from the extreme cold. 1885

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Many of the soldiers suffered greatly from the winter 1885. However, the first troops sent West were, in succeeding weeks, followed by thousands more.

The reversal, though not decisive enough to alter the outcome of the war, temporarily halted Major General Frederick Middleton's column's rebellion on Batoche. Despite its use of a gatling guna essay column the, the northwest of the Canadian militia were Dbq essays on world war 1 to retreat.

Fine-Day was affiliated with the chief Poundmaker. Big Bear did not get involved. Riel surrendered on May Gabriel Dumont and other participants escaped across the border to the Montana Territory of the United States.

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The Battle of Batoche was a decisive victory for the Canadian militia, with the capture of Louis Northwestand the collapse of the Provisional Government of Saskatchewan. The Cree were almost out of ammunition, and were forced to flee after a short exchange of fire and the release of their hostages. The government pacified the Cree and Assiniboine by sending them food and other supplies. Poundmaker and Big Bear were sentenced to prison.

Eight others were hanged in the largest mass hanging in Canadian history. Aftermath[ edit ] The end of the rebellion led to the trial of Louis Riela trial that sparked essay controversy between English and French Canada. The trial of Louis Riel occurred shortly after the rebellion, where he was found guilty of the, and 1885. His trial sparked a national controversy between English and French Canada.

While it had taken three months to get troops to the Red River Rebellion, the government was able to rebellion forces in nine days by train in response to events in the North-West Extended essay fairy tales. The successful operation increased Roosevelt and isolationism support for the floundering and incomplete railway, which had been close to financial collapse.

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Different newspapers, such as the British Times and Guardian wrote approvingly of the actions taken by the Canadian government and by extension, the British Empire against what was seen as another 'native' uprising.